We hire teams in Ukraine and Europe from Junior to C-Level positions in IT.
We focus on exclusive work with clients – for deep connection with specific of your business and taking care about your employer brand.

We help clients with IT-recruiting when:

  • business and team are growing too fast
  • you have lack of information about candidate’s market
  • your team have lack of experience in recruiting
  • your internal recruiting team overwhelmed
  • recruiting process is too slow which means the business is losing money
  • you need a specialists who understands rare technologies.

Yes, recruiting isn’t only about finding a candidate that fits job description.

The process


  • we discuss the vacancy and business needs together with the project managers and fill a detailed brief
  • we do market analysis
  • signing an agreement


  • we create the candidate’s profile
  • we create a job description that works for the employer’s brand and publish it on various specialized resources
  • we draw up a sourcing strategy


  • we start the search using effective recruiting and sourcing tools
  • we form long lists / short lists
  • we’re conducting interviews and suggest the first eligible candidates
  • we report on each stage of recruiting process, make weekly reports and sync-up meetings with a client every 2 weeks
  • we advise on recruiting processes
  • we help at every stage of interviews with candidates

Closing a vacancy

  • we help to prepare job offer and to negotiate all details with candidate
  • we support from the first candidate working day the final passing of the probationary period
  • we receive payment and close the project

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