What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience – looks like customer experience, however, everything going on in the employer-employee relationship. These are all the impressions, thoughts and feelings that an employee has at every stage of interaction with the company.

Candidate experience – it is part of the employee experience that covers stages from the first candidate’s contact with the company until the end of the probation period.

The topic of employee and candidate experience is especially hot now, when the job market is overcrowded and companies cannot lose candidates. Work on candidate experience will increase the number of candidates who reach the offer, go to work and pass a probation period.


Defining project goals

Target audience segmentation

Employee journey maps development

Analysis of each touch point

Developing the strategy for Employee journey map improving

Conducting training sessions with middle management

Checking the results after 1 and 3 month after completing project

Employee Experience stages

Methods we use

  • Analysis of external and internal communication
  • Analysis of search results
  • Interview with TOP and HR managers
  • Interview with employees
  • Interview with candidates
  • Interview with former employees
  • Survey (eNPS, satisfaction level, emotional background, engagement, etc.)
  • Analysis of the media and social networks
  • Feedbacks analysis


Systematical work with the employee experience significantly increases the global business performance:

  • Companies that brow the top 25% of positions in employee experience research have x2 times higher profitability in sales and x3 times higher in assets.  – according to research by IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute
  • EX leaders increase profits by 25% compared to competitors with weak EX.  – MIT
  • Leading companies in Employee Experience have 4x the average earnings, 2x the average earnings, 40% less staff turnover, and 24% fewer teams.  – Jacob Morgan for SHRM
  • low employee engagement can cost a company up to $ 550 billion a year.  – according to research by Gallup

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