Employer branding

The employer’s brand or HR brand works like marketing, but instead of customers, there are candidates and employees.

It’s all company’s DNK include, and also it’s what market thinking about your company. Sometimes market opinion is more important.

We help companies to build employer branding strategy and implement it to the digital and offline communication channels.

HR Consulting

HR audit and consulting is a diagnosis that allows you to identify exactly where the business hurts.

The key HR processes:

  • onboarding
  • team development – assessment, certification, individual development plan for each employee
  • total rewards – comprehensive approach to team motivation. Includes financial and non-financial rewards
  • engagement and motivation
  • Internal Communication and Well-Being

Our mission is to create happy teams. We know how it’s important especially on early stages for each business. That’s why we’re created special offer for startups, to help them build the necessary HR processes and build a positive employer brand at the first stages of work.

Our rates

1500 USD

Developing an employer brand strategy

2500 USD

Building basic HR processes

(recruiting, onboarding, team development, total rewards, engagement and motivation, well-being, analytics)

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