Request: The company N need to hire a lot of developers for a rare custom technology. To complicate matters, about 97% of developers on the market work with OOP, and only 3% with functional languages. That is, the market awareness of custom technologies is low, and, accordingly, there are lack of candidates.

Solution: we brought together the existing communities related to functional languages and started a series of joint events on professional topics.

At the same time, we created the corresponding groups in social networks that consistently generated useful content and support educational events.

Result: in 3 years, monthly audience coverage has grown to 7,000 people per month.

We also built a powerful network with TOP experts in this field – it help us to get acquainted with the top experts in the industry and receive recommendations from them.

This means – to close positions.

Request: a new outsourcing company open first office in Ukraine. Recruiting is too slow.

Solution: We created an employer brand strategy from scratch and implemented it through the main digital channels – social networks and Google.

Result: Thanks to company’s recognizability, the hiring process accelerated from 4 vacancies per month to 6 vacancies.

Request: a Japanese company cannot find a Bridge Engineer specialist in Ukraine. This is not typical position for Ukraine, and no one candidate on Ukrainian market.

Solution: we analyzed similar positions in the Japanese market and made a specialist profile in accordance with the tasks. Then we analyzed the Ukrainian market and found candidates with similar expertise.

The following types of search were applied: direct search / headhunting / executive search.

Result: the team closed the vacancy for 3 weeks

Request: due to the lack of a KPI system, the owner does not have understanding of the real workload and efficiency of each departments in company.

There is no time for KPI implementation and long-term data collection.

Solution: Based on interviews with key players and employee questionnaires, we have chosen a number of methods to assess the current teams workload and analyze the effectiveness of work in real time.

The result: the selection of key effective players in the company, and as a result, increase the company’s profitability.

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