Creating an inclusive work environment

Inclusion is taking into account the characteristics of a person and involving him in joint actions. Whatever this difference may be.

The issue of inclusivity is especially urgent for Ukrainian businesses now – people are moving to other regions, suffering significant injuries, and soon our soldiers will begin to return to normal life.

All these people need help with reintegration into society, especially through the provision of jobs.

Therefore, inclusiveness in the construction of work culture and processes is something that all top managers should review in the work of companies and build correctly.

Which practices should you start implementing to your working processes?

1. Regular team surveys and implementation of its results. Consider employee input when developing new processes and policies.

2. Revision of the hiring procedure and compensation policies. Is everything really transparent in the recruiting process, are equal opportunities provided to all candidates? Does the compensation package meet the needs of the team?

3. Review of policies on team interaction, respect and dignity, discrimination. Is policies meet the requirements of an inclusive environment? Is there enough communication in the company on these topics?

4. Add inclusive practices to the onboarding process. From first working day, communicate the company’s attitudes, policies, and rules that apply to everyone.

5. Assess whether the prescribed policies correspond to real practices in the company.

6. Incorporate inclusive practices into the work of remote teams. Make sure that remote teams have the same advantages in work as employees in the office.

7. Regularly measure KPIs regarding inclusiveness in the company’s processes.