How does the team perceive the company’s culture

⭐️The company’s culture is the basis of the employer’s brand and a reliable basis for working with employee experience. Are the values in your company a tool for work and a real reflection of your culture, or just a section on the site? Let’s check together.

Ask these questions for each of the company’s values:

1. Can employees disagree with this value?

2. Do you tell your friends that the company has such value?

3. Does this value help make decisions?

4. Can you describe how this value is manifested in the actions of the team?

5. Is this value close to the team?

6. Do the values reflect the current situation in the company?

📊For each question, give a score from 1 to 5 (where 1 – strongly disagree and 5 – strongly agree) To analyze the result, calculate the average value of answers to all questions. On the scale of results 1 will mean that the values do not correspond to the company and need to work on them, and 5 – a perfect match of the company and values.